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The history of the Gale River Motel harkens back to the mid-1930’s.

Arthur & Bertha Streeter built ten “camps” on the property known as Streeter Farm.

Camps in the 1930’s were the destination of blue-collar Americans with the cottages providing sleeping quarters and cooking facilities for working families as a cost effective vacation alternative.

While a bit more costly than campgrounds; cottages offered the comforts of home and protection from the elements during inclement weather.

Tourists of wealth and prominence opted for the grand hotels of the day.

Motels and hotels that are common today, had not yet come into existence.

Following World War II, the expansion of the interstate highway system and America’s love affair with the automobile brought about demand for convenient and accessible lodging.

As highways were built, people were able to travel longer distances more easily.

During these journeys, travelers found it difficult finding lodging in country settings, as hotels of the day were primarily located in urban centers.

In response, small family operated motels located near the highways, began appearing providing affordable lodging and parking at your doorstep.

The word “Motel” comes from combining two words, “motorist” and “hotel”.

During the 50’s and 60’s, motels continued to evolve offering shuffleboard courts, swimming pools, color television, fitness equipment, BBQ & picnic areas, playgrounds and other amenities to attract the vacationing travelers with on-site activities appealing to many age groups.