казино холдем покер

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Casino Holdem was invented as recently as 2000 and introduced into both online and live casinos soon afterwards.

The game was devised to capitalize on the popularity of Texas hold’em, although the casino version follows some very different rules, the biggest difference being that you are up against the dealer as opposed to other players.

In this guide I start by explaining the rules of Casino Holdem.

I detail how the betting rounds work, as well as the side bet and then look at the two payout charts in the game.

I finish by looking at the house edge of the game and discussing strategy.

When joining a game, the first decision you’ll make is the size of your ‘ante’ bet.

This is your stake at the table, but you should be aware that a single hand can cost up to 3x your initial stake (even more if you add a side bet to the hand).

This initial ante amount can be of any amount, as long as the amount is within the minimum and maximum table limits.

Having placed your initial ‘ante’ you’ll decide whether or not to place a side bet. If you ‘fold’, you’ll lose your ‘ante’ bet (you’ll also lose your side bet, so you should never fold if your side bet has made a hand that hits the pay table).