твои вулкан

Thy'lek Shran was an Andorian commander in the Imperial Guard in the 2150s.

Despite his aggressive and xenophobic background, Shran became an unlikely ally of Starfleet Captain Jonathan Archer and a proponent of strengthened ties between Andoria and Earth.

(") In June of 2151, Shran led an Andorian commando team which raided the Vulcan monastery at P'Jem.

The Andorians had for a long time accused the Vulcans of hiding a clandestine long-range sensor array in the monastery for illegal surveillance of Andorian territories.

The Andorians had mounted two previous raids and found no conclusive evidence, but remained convinced that the sensor array was there.

During this third raid, Captain Archer accidentally stumbled into the confrontation while on a courtesy visit to the Vulcan monks.

Shran, believing the Humans to be collaborating with the Vulcans against them, imprisoned Archer, along with Tucker and T'Pol, who were accompanying him.

T'Pol's presence with the Humans only amplified Shran's suspicions, and Shran interrogated Archer for information, but learned nothing of use.

While their first meeting was difficult, Shran and Captain Archer would develop a firm respect and trust for each other during their encounters.

His prisoners, however, managed to stage an escape with support from security officers from Enterprise NX-01.

In the ensuing firefight, however, Archer and Shran accidentally uncovered a gateway into an advanced subspace sensor array – the Andorians had been right all along.

As a gesture of peace, Archer gave Shran detailed sensor readings and images of the facility and allowed him to leave freely.